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The Villa


“a good and positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces”

It arises when “the human-nature relationship is spontaneous and mutually enriching. The prefix eu comes from the Greek word for “good”: the root tierra means Earth.

Eutierra refers to secular experiences but echoes the “oceanic” felling identified in various world religious traditions. When it occurs, your perception of the boundaries between yourself and all else – the thoughts and feelings setting one off from the rest of the cosmos-seems to evaporate.

The distinction between you and nature (or in the religious version nature and God) breaks down. You become one with the universe. A reassuring sense of harmony and connection with the world infuses your consciousness. It’s an experience that matches up with the knowledge of your own dependence on and connection to the world.

For us Villa Eutierra is a place of refuge and restoration from the busyness of life. Even though the Villa needed work, it was love at first sight and its restoration was exciting and challenging. We are excited to share it with you and hope you appreciate it’s beauty and all it has to offer.